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Behind the Lens: Random Things You Might Not Know About Kansas City Pet Photographer Jennifer Starr

Time for a new installment called “Behind the Lens”. Let’s play a game of “Get to know Jen” on this lovely Friday afternoon. Here are just a few totally random things you may not know about me.
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1. I am cheap cost effective.

Today my lunch break consisted of getting an oil change at Jiffy Lube but not before I found a $15 off coupon of course.  (Yes you can go online, sign up for company emails and receive coupons – there are plenty of ways to save money – and why wouldn’t I? Photography equipment ain’t cheap my friends!) Then I was off to Hy-Vee for their “salad bar Friday”. They have special discounts on their self-serve fresh salad bar – HUGE chicken salad with the works and all for $2.68.  Now that’s healthy AND cost effective! A total winner all the way around.  I also visit www.heyitsfree.net on a daily basis. This is a totally legit site – someone has already screened through all the spammy junk and only posts the best discounts and free deals. I have received FREE magazine subscriptions, dog and cat food samples, toothpaste, lotions, granola bars, cereal, makeup, full size MiO water enhancers, coupons for FREE items at grocery stores and even tampons. (yep I said it).  You really have to check the site every day, because freebie items tend to go quick. This site also posts restaurant deals who have e-mail clubs that offer coupons, etc.  And did you know if you have a Foursquare account and “check in” to Houlihans, you can get a free basket of  loaded specialty fries EVERY time you go there!  They also e-mail a $15 off coupon around your birthday every year. The best tip of all – create a new e-mail account for “junk only” so when these sites ask you for your e-mail address, you can just put in your junk e-mail account and not worry about everything they send in the future.

2. I was a complete nerd.

When I say nerd – I mean TOTAL nerd. I was teased on a daily basis from elementary school all the way through high school. Huge mauve glasses – check.  Wicked overbite (seriously, the worst teeth ever) – check. Midget at barely 5 feet tall – check.  Well I never grew past 5 feet tall, but I did get contact lenses and then made the plunge to having 8 teeth pulled and getting braces when I was 22. I like to look back on those times and thank the people who were so mean to me because they actually molded me into who I am today. I am strong because of it, but also extremely empathetic to others because I know what that pain feels like.

3. I don’t do touch screen.

Well, that was true until I met my electronic soulmate – the Blackberry Bold.  I could never own an I-Phone because I CAN NOT text or email effectively using a touch screen keypad.  I type via phone at lighting fast speed but not if it’s touch screen! When I bought the Blackberry Bold, I was SUPER pumped because it has my trusty physical keyboard that I love, but also a touch screen option for everything else. Now this I can do!

4. I am short.

You may have already read above that I am 5 feet tall. My friends like to joke and say I am only 4 foot 11″… but I AM 5 feet tall! And 5 foot 3″ in heels.

5. I still get carded.

I am not sure if anyone knows my age – but I turned 30 last May. (gasp) Well not really a gasp because thanks to being short and good genetics, I still look like I am 17. I have been carded for buying R rated movies & NyQuil at Walmart and I am almost always carded when buying liquor.  In fact, if I am not carded – I am quite insulted!

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