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Kansas City Child Birthday Photography

Baby A’s First Birthday Pawty

We did it! We have a ONE year old. How is that even

Kansas City Pet Photography

Sheva’s Going with Grace

As a new Mom, I’ve been struggling lately with

Kansas City Pet Photography

Zoe’s Going with Grace Session – Honoring Senior and Ill Pets

Sweet Zoe had her golden hour Going with Grace session this

Kansas City Pet & Child Photography

Happy National Pet Day!

Happy National Pet Day! In celebration, enjoy this series

Kansas City Pet Photography

Baby A + Remington’s Adventures – Pets + Child Safety

WOW, what an adventure these nearly 6 months have been

Five Hazards All Dog Owners Should Watch For During Winter

I am excited to introduce a guest blogger to our site! Alex

Featured in HerLife Magazine – Keeping Pets & Babies Safe Together

I am SO excited to finally be in print again! My photos

Kansas City Pet Photography

Photographing Pets and Babies

Photographing pets is a breeze for me after nearly 10 years

Kansas City Pet Photography

Tis the Season! Festive Crafts and Ideas for Families

I’ve always loved Christmastime and the holiday

Kansas City Pet Photography

Daisy’s Going with Grace Honor Session

Sweet Daisy was recently diagnosed with kidney failure. It

Kansas City Newborn Photography

What it’s Like to be a New Mom – Top Items You Really Need

I’ve attempted to write this blog post about 20 times

Kansas City Newborn Photography

She’s Here! What it’s Like to Have a Newborn

What a whirlwind these last few weeks have been!  My last