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Chloe the Pit Bull- Abandoned, Rescued, Fostered, Loved, Adopted – Mid America Bully Breed Rescue

We really do live in such a small world! I met Bluebird (now Chloe) a couple years ago when I was at a pet adoption event, photographing dogs. I have a special spot in my heart for Pitbulls and I knew Chloe was very special. I remember photographing her in hopes of finding her forever family. Fast forward to last weekend and to my surprise – Chloe happened to be my client’s dog who was having her photos taken with me. Chloe’s new Mommy had never met me and didn’t have a clue that I had once met her marvelous pooch.  This sequential turn of events confirms to me that everything definitely happens for a reason in life.

Chloe had a rough start in her journey through life. Below is an excerpt from the Mid America Bully Breed Rescue (MABBR) and a photo showing her condition when she was first rescued. To read Chloe’s full story, click here.

To look at Bluebird absolutely broke our heart, and upon spending time with her it hurt even more as we realized how completely sweet and amazing she was…. How someone could allow her to suffer like this was beyond all comprehension to us. Bluebird was covered from head to toe with demodex mange. Due to complete lack of care, this had led to skin infections as well. The pain she must have endured from all of those lesions is unfathomable….. Bluebird was also very thin and needed to put on several pounds to be at a normal weight.

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Fortunately, we found Bluebird a wonderful foster home that is completely dedicated to nursing her back to health. She is on a very strict medical plan and will require many ongoing vet appointments, medications, and a special diet until we can get her back on her feet. Your support is greatly appreciated!!!

I am now a joyful blue pit bull! But, upon rescue, I was pretty broken. I didn’t have much hair, and most of the hair I did have would eventually fall out. I was rescued with demodox mange, a form of mange brought on my stress and malnourishment.

I was picked up as a stray in Leavenworth, so my story remains untold. When I was taken in, they were unsure about if I was going to live or not, but when my foster mom met me at Leavenworth Animal Control, she knew that we would fight together for my healthy and safe recovery. You’d never know by looking at me now that just a short while ago, I barely made it. But, I persevered! And, now I am a healthy, bouncy, happy pit bull who loves everything around her.

Here are some of my favorite shots from Chloe’s recent photo session. It is amazing what a little faith, love and care can do for an abandoned animal.  Chloe would never be where she is today without a wonderful rescue organization who saved her, an amazing foster family who nurtured her back to health and the kindness of her new Mommy who opened her heart and home to the misunderstood Pitbull.

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  • Angie Dunlap - How crazy that I stumbled across this. Chloe is one of my favorite patients and I’m so honored to be her veterinarian. She is such a sweet girl and her mom takes excellent care of her. I can’t believe how far she has come fom the pic of her when she was rescued. Beautiful pictures of such a beautiful dog!ReplyCancel

  • Poochie Freak - Oh wow. What a state she was in at first and how amazing does she look now. Gorgeous photos 🙂


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