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Doggiwater – A PREMIUM DOG VITAMIN BEVERAGE – Flavored All Natural Water for Dogs- Kansas City Pet Photography

Remington recently discovered Doggiwater. I received a promotional e-mail from the company, so I asked if they wanted to send me their product and I would help market for them and Remington would try it out. (by the way if you are a pet related company and would like to perform a similar exchange – shoot me an email at jennifer@fixyourimages.com).

I verified Doggiwater was a legitimate product and was impressed they have been featured in People, NBC, ABC, Vogue, OK Magazine and US Magazine.  They have three flavors which are very creatively named Strawberry Sit, Raspberry Rollover and Blueberry Bark. This water is all natural with no artificial additives (rest assured it’s all natural – I tried some and there is absolutely NO sugar in these!! LOL)  Some people may be skeptical – because why would you BUY water for your dog when they can just drink the tap water for free? One benefit is that it promotes fresh breath, healthy teeth and gums, reduced tarter and immune system health. I smelled Remington’s breath after he tried the water and it was definitely improved! Here is Remington’s short adventure with Doggiwater.

GO AHEAD,pin thisGO AHEAD,pin this

You should try Doggiwater – If you don’t, I will see to it that you do! I mean business people.

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Say Whaaaaaat?????? I can drink this strawberry flavored water? Are you sure? Is this a trick? Will this turn my beard pink?

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OK, everything seems to be in order here – and my beard didn’t even turn pink! Two paws up!

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“Drink healthy, Eat healthy, Live healthy.”

At Doggiwater, we believe proper nutrition is the foundation for a healthy lifestyle. Our philosophy is based on using only the highest quality ingredients in developing the best product possible. Over the years, we’ve made it our mission to offer a natural, healthy, and delicious alternative in dog nutrition. We are just like you, we love our dogs, plain and simple! If we wouldn’t drink it, we wouldn’t give it to our dogs. We are passionately picky when selecting nature’s finest ingredients and never compromise quality. Our team of dedicated animal lovers and experienced nutritionists strive to provide dogs a balanced diet with the healthy lifestyle they deserve.

With every 12-pack you purchase, Doggiwater™ will donate a new dog bowl to a local animal shelter allowing a dog in need to enjoy the benefits of proper nutrition. It feels good to give back!


Our story began a few years back when our founder, Ronny Thompson, relocated to Atlanta in pursuit of a job opportunity. At the time, he was living in a studio apartment with his dog Cesar in the heart of Atlanta. Ron strongly believed in the importance of providing Cesar the best diet possible. After filling his bowl with premium dog food then filling his water bowl with ordinary tap water that smelled like chlorine and tasted like chemicals, it didn’t make much sense. While doing a little research, he learned the chemicals found in tap water may cause your dog serious health issues including liver or kidney damage and even increase risk of cancer. This ultimately inspired Ron to create the first commercially available all natural vitamin beverage for dogs.

Initially he met with leading canine and nutrition experts regarding the benefits of premium ingredients for optimal nutrition. His goal was to create a premium beverage that not only eliminated contaminants but also included substantial nutritional benefit to support a healthy balanced diet. After speaking with recommended holistic veterinarians and top selected breeders, a unique combination of real organic fruit and ultra purified water was formulated and Doggiwater™ was created. The vitamins and minerals in Doggiwater™ allow dogs to enjoy the benefits of superior nutrition while reducing their exposure to harmful chemicals.

Our dogs aren’t just pets, they are family. If you want the best for them the choice is simple, choose Doggiwater™ the elite standard of dog nutrition.

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