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Featured in Happy Tails Books – Kansas City Pet Photography

I was beyond thrilled when the editors of Happy Tails Books announced they would be using my images of adoptable dogs in their latest Lost Souls: Found! series. I am honored to have these photos featured on the front and back cover of their book.

You can pre-order your copy today at http://www.happytailsbooks.com/books/dog-breeds-e-l/dogs/.  If you use the above link and type in “KC PAWS” at checkout, it will automatically donate a portion of the sale to KC PAWS which is the rescue where I regularly volunteer and where these dogs below were photographed from.

Cinnamon – Cover girl – still up for adoption
Kokomo – Top left – still up for adoption, needs to undergo surgery to remove non-cancerous tumor
Percy, Rugar and Rio – Bottom left to right – all adopted!!

Please contact KC PAWS at kc.paws@hotmail.com or call 816-361-7829 if you or someone else is interested in adopting Cinnamon or Kokomo.

From Happy Tails: Our first “all-dog” book was so much fun that we decided to do another! Similar to Vol. I, Lost Souls: FOUND! Inspiring Stories About Dogs Vol. II is an inspiring compilation about the joy adopted dogs bring to our lives. (Publication date: November 2011)

Angel, a stray who had been abused before I adopted her, has really lived up to her name. I live alone and have multiple sclerosis (MS); Angel is perfect for me because we take care of each other. However, it turns out I’m not the only one she’s watching out for. One night during the wee hours, Angel became restless and woke me up. I rarely go out late at night, but she seemed so anxious that I figured I should take her out. Since she stays by me either on or off the leash, I unhooked her leash so she could do what she needed to do, but instead of going back to the grass, Angel ran into the parking lot and went between two vehicles. When I caught up with Angel, I found her sitting next to one of our tenants, who was lying on the ground in a fetal position with his walker nearby…” –Jan Nash

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