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Featured in Pure Paws Local Pet Boutique

Pure Paws is a new store in my neighborhood offering various pet products and healthy food options for your pet. They even feature products from local businesses, including mine.  If you are near the Lenexa Kansas area, stop by and check out my work on display in their store and see what they have to offer! Check out our in depth interview below to learn more about Pure Paws.

When did you know you wanted to open Pure Paws?
Pure Paws has been in the back of our brains since our last collaborative pet store venture ten years ago in Kearney, MO. It was a deeply meaningful experience and fun fusion of our talents and interests; we knew we’d want to go down that path again someday. A layoff provided a window of opportunity, so here we are!

How did you decide on your name?
I’ve actually been sitting on the name for a few years; it randomly came to me one day, so I wrote it down for future reference. I think it reflects many key elements of our brand: organic, healthy, locally-made, eco-friendly, philanthropic, etc.

What products are you featuring from local businesses?
We’re constantly adding new products from local businesses: collars/leashes, treats, artwork/home decor, toys, accessories, etc.

How would a local business feature their products in your store?
We’re always interested in featuring new local businesses. The products need to be consistent with our brand, but anyone who feels their product would be a good fit is welcome to make an appointment with Zach to discuss the possibility of collaboration.

You have a pretty cute daughter! Tell us about her and what she thinks of the store.
Aww, thanks! Miss Zoe’s the light of our lives. She started kindergarten this year and enjoys dance, piano, and cats. Mostly cats. She LOVES helping at the store and even has her own company shirt, which she thinks is the coolest thing ever. Thank you to our customers who have had a few moments to spare to let her scan items at checkout; it truly makes her day! smile emoticon

What has been your most satisfying moment in business?
By far, the most satisfying moments have been (multiple examples, same end result) helping with “crisis” cases. Owners will describe the symptoms of their critically ill pets and mention that they’re at their wits end and ready to put their beloved baby down. In many cases, Zach’s able to address the problem through nutrition and totally transform the animal’s life. A once frail, withering life is able to frolic in the fields again and enjoy many more healthy years. Those immensely thankful follow-up visits, often with the thriving pet in tow, warm our hearts and are reminders that we’re truly making a difference in the community.

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