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How to Grow Your Facebook Business Page Fan Base & Add a Welcome Page – Kansas City Dog & Pet Photography

One of the most important aspects of my business has been gaining support from fellow Facebook-ers. How in the world did I go from 100 fans to over 4,000?  Well it has taken a couple years, but there are definitely ways that I have sped up the process.

1. Add a Welcome Page

There are many different applications you can use for this feature, but my favorite and FREE choice is by using a Wildfire application.

  • First, login to Facebook and search for Wildfire I Frames or click here.
  • Click “install app” and choose which business page you want this to be added to.
  • Fill out the submission form
  • Decide if you want to activate the “fan gate”. If you do, it means you will need to upload two separate graphics.  One graphic will be the image telling your visitors to “like this page to unlock content!”  The other graphic would be the image that only people will see once they actually “like” your page. You dont have to activiate a “fan gate”. You can simply upload the same image in both spots, without having to create two separate graphics.
  • Once you are done with the Wildfire application, you need to ensure that your new welcome page is the DEFAULT tab that new visitors land on.  In order to set your tab as your default landing page, go to “Edit Page” at the top of your Facebook business page and scroll down to “Manage Permissions”.  You’ll notice a section called “Default Landing Tab.” From the dropdown list, choose your newly created tab called “welcome”. Then click “save changes.” Visitors who are not fans of your page will see your newly created Welcome page. Visitors who are fans will land on your wall.

Now how the heck do you create a graphic? First you need a program like Photoshop.  Second, you need to know the correct dimensions. Mine show below is 500 pixels wide by 1000 pixels tall. Get creative and create something unique to your own business!
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2. Add a Like Box to your blog

Embedding a Facebook Like box in your blog or website is the best way to get more likes to your Facebook Fan Page. When people see the classic “like box” and are already logged into Facebook, it is too simple not to just click “like” and they are instantly a fan of your page!  Click here for Facebook instructions on how to create the code and insert a Like Box.

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3. Engage your followers!
One really important peice of advice I read once was that to increase your success and fan base on Facebook, you must post content that engages your readers and post it consistently. Do you ever notice I post a variety of information on my page and I almost ALWAYS post something every single day? Keep it interesting… not just boring with photos only. For example, I not only post photos, but also videos, pet health tips, engaging or debatable questions, and I share a lot of information from other pages on Facebook as well.

4. Have contests!
Yes, there is nothing wrong with a little good ‘ol bribing now and then! I have contests periodically as an incentive to gain new followers and give away something for free.  Right now, my current contest is for followers to post their pet’s cutest photo on my page, have their friends like their photo and like my page! The photo with the most votes or “likes” by February 23 wins a FREE mini session + digital images! You can always come up with something along those lines for your own page, depending on your business and what services or goods you are willing to discount or give away for free.

5. Comment on other pages while under your business name.
Be engaging to other Facebook pages as well.  Network, network, network! And be sure to be logged in and commenting through your business name, not your personal name.  People will easily see your business name and your comments and may click on your name just out of curiosity and be intrigued to become a fan of your page. Especially if you have created a welcome page and entice them with some reasons why they should follow you.

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