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Just What the Doctor Ordered – Some Quality Time with a Donkey – Kansas City Pet Photographer Jennifer Starr

Do you ever have those moments when your job sucks the life out of you? You dread every moment – especially the 45 minute commute each way.  Yes, I am referring to my day job of course, not my photography which is my passion and dream. It was one of those “suck the life out of you” days yesterday. After I arrived home, hubby says we are driving all the way back up North to Smithville to sell a jetski of his. This particular person rents a barn out in Smithville, so I was told we were headed somewhere with a farm like atmosphere. Well… OK – I guess I could deal with another long car ride if it involved a farm.

When we got there, hubby did his thing and I was immediately drawn to the acres and acres of lush green grass – surrounded with many horses…. and a lone donkey. I had never interacted with a donkey before so I was unsure what their temperament was like – were they aggressive.. friendly..? Hmmm… I just stood at the fence line and this sweet creature sauntered over to me, stopped and just looked at me. So I put my hand out for him to smell and he seemed pretty gentle  – so I pet the side of his face and talked to him.  He would then follow me every where I went. When I would start to walk away, I would turn around and was compelled to go back for just one more look – I pet his soft little nose and I think he enjoyed the attention. I didn’t have my professional camera with me, but I had left my phone in the car which can take photos.  I said “Hang on – stay right there – I am going to go get my phone so I can take your picture!”  I like to think animals understand me – and he stood there and waited until I returned. Then I snapped a quick pic which is shown below.

What is my point of telling you about my trivial experience with a donkey? To remind you not to forget what you love in life and take a moment just to savor the simple moments.  I have and always will be drawn to any animal that’s warm and furry and this was no exception.  I was softly reminded that my true passion is with animals and the life I have created around the profession of photographing pets. So what are you waiting for? Go pet a donkey – you will feel all better.

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