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Pet Photo Mini Sessions + HOT Midwest + evening light – kansas city pet photography

So it’s been HOT here in the Midwest. I mean, HOT. Considering it’s only June, I think we are in for an even sultrier remainder of the summer.  Please remember to keep your pets indoors and give them plenty of water. And whatever you do, please do not leave your pets in cars unattended – with the windows rolled up, your pet could literally cook in a matter of minutes. Please click here to read an article about the risk of heat stroke in dogs who are left in cars.

With that said, why the heck would you want to bring your dog outside  in this heat for a photo session? Keep in mind that I offer mini photo sessions which are only 15 minutes in length and I come prepared with fresh water for your pooch – so it will be utterly painless! Having an evening session is perfect for gorgeous lighting and the temps cool down a tad from the mid-day heat.

Mini sessions are typically at Leglar Barn Museum or Antioch Park on the Kansas side, but I am open to suggestions on the Missouri side as well. $75 pet pet includes a 15-minute session plus three 5×7 prints delivered right to your door.   I am also offering a NEW exciting Facebook digital cover image for your Facebook timeline for FREE in these sessions. Please e-mail jennifer@fixyourimages.com if you have an interest in a discounted mini session.  Cindy and her miniature schnauzer did on this 103 degree day and they had a blast!

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