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Remington Discovers Ranch Dressing – Kansas City Pet Photography

Wow – word travels fast over the internet. Remington here – I heard Mommy has been telling you all that I was a bad boy yesterday and helped myself to a cup of ranch dressing. Well here’s how it really went down. I did all of these amazing modeling poses for Mommy and she gave me some OK treats as a reward. Then afterwards, she worked up an appetite and decided to enjoy some yummo carrots on the deck. She placed a bag of carrots on the table along with this interesting substance in a cup.  She did share and threw me plenty of bits of carrots because she knows I LOVE them so much and they are healthy for me. She is pretty cool like that.  But every time SHE ate a carrot, she would dip them in this cup of something.  She would not dip MY carrots in this something.  I felt a little left out of whatever goodness this might be.

Mommy went inside for a moment and usually I follow her right in.  Buuuuuut….. she left that cup of something on the table along with the bag of carrots. Now in all my 3 years, Mommy & Daddy have left out some pretty yummy and tempting items at my reach, but they know I am SUCH a good boy, they don’t need to worry. And I have always behaved myself because that is a no-no to eat people food.

But what could it hurt if I just jumped up on the chair which was conveniently right next to the table with said carrots and what I later learned is called “ranch”. I was curious so I just smelled this little cup of something.

OH. MY. Now, THIS smelled delightful. I bet Mommy wouldn’t know if I just took a tiny lick. I mean afterall, she dips HER carrots in this stuff, so it must be OK.

Oops. Once I took one lick, I couldn’t help myself. I was beard-first into this cup of ranch. After I came to my senses I thought.. ummm…. thats OK, she probably wont even know I was in there.

I hear Mommy come near the door back outside (because dogs have AMAZING hearing) and when she gets outside she notices I am in the chair – I think I have an extremely guilty look on my face. Either that or the white greasy ranch that was covering my entire face from the nose down gave me away.

Uh oh. Busted.

She took me to the sink and hosed my beard down and even took me to my bed downstairs, closed the door and said I was given a time-out. Wow – Mommy has NEVER given me a time-out. This was serious.  I had a bit of a tummy ache later on that night and then realized doggies aren’t supposed to have certain people food apparently – that must be why she never let me have any. Silly me. But for any future offenders out there curious of that creamy dipping goodness – take my word for it – it’s yummy, but without thumbs, you really cant dip your carrots in it by yourself so what’s the point? Lesson learned!

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  • Linda - Jen, This si the funniest story ever. You are not only the worlds best gifted Pet photographer but a wonderful writer as well.You certainly engage your audience.. I could not wait to see how this ended…These are such gorgeous photos of Remmie.You are so talented.ReplyCancel

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