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The DogVacay.com Challenge: Dog-Friendly Kansas City Missouri – In Home Dog Boarding, Pet Sitters in Kansas City

Remington here – I have been recruited to give you the inside scoop on Kansas City in honor of the DogVacay.com campaign aimed to promote community involvement by showing how canines represent various cities.  Luckily I learned how to use Wikipedia which explains Kansas City was founded in 1838 and officially nicknamed the City of Fountains. With over 200 fountains, the city claims to have the second most in the world, just behind Rome. The city is well known for its contributions to the musical styles of jazz and blues as well as to cuisine, notably Kansas City-style barbecue. In March 2012, downtown Kansas City was selected as one of America’s best downtowns by Forbes magazine for its rich culture in arts, numerous fountains, upscale shopping and various local cuisine – most notably barbecue.

I am a Midwestern dog at heart. Or maybe by force – I am not sure. Either way, this cowboy hat is pretty sweet.
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I also enjoy an occasional cup of coffee (hold the cream) and enjoy perusing the latest issue of Travel & Leisure. Although I am thinking Hawaii is in order when I decide to escape the Midwest.
GO AHEAD,pin this

If your humans are going out of town without you, you should of course demand only the best in-home care. The DogVacay site lets humans (or tech savvy pets like me) look up hosts who will care for you in your own home, providing food, exercise and attention for an average price of $25 to $30 a day.

For my Kansas City friends, have your humans go directly to this link to search for local in-home pet care. For the social savvy and hashtag lovers, you can check out DogVacay on Facebook, which is a great place to stay current on the latest happenings, including this super cool DogVacay app. Enjoy, friends! Woof!

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