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What it’s Like to be Pregnant – Log #1 {15 Weeks}

All things considered, time actually does move rather quickly when pregnant. I am already 15 weeks so I figured I should probably start documenting how I feel, my crazy cravings and how I look. And of course how our pets are behaving.

Baby size: An orange! Around 4.0 inches and 2.5 ounces.

Maternity clothes: Nope. I am a huge fan of stretchy jeans and sheer/blousy shirts, so that was pretty much in my wardrobe anyways. Since I will be at my largest in Spring and Summer I plan to buy some cute & comfy dresses but hopefully not in the maternity section. I am 5’0 tall and pretty small, so I think I should still be able to shop in my normal department. Time will tell!

Sleep: I fall asleep on the couch fairly early every night. Some days I drive home from work barely able to keep my eyes open. (I work a full time day job in addition to photography on weekends) I am exhausted 75% of the time, but I’m also known for my Tasmanian devil style of cleaning and multi-tasking skills, so I try to fight through it. I wake up about every 1-2 hours a night. I know, already??! Not fun, but I guess this is preparing me for those sleepless nights in the beginning after baby is born.

Miss anything? Wine, margaritas, coffee, not having a hip out of place all the time. Did I mention wine?

Sense of smell: It’s insane. I feel like I know what dogs must feel like now. I am especially sensitive to perfume, candles and other people’s food warmed up in the office.  I used to love burning candles and now it just gives me a headache.  Certain foods smell especially disgusting and don’t even get me started about the cleaning/detergent aisle in grocery stores. All those scents hit me like a ton of bricks.

Food cravings: My first trimester was pretty brutal. I never actually got sick, but was nauseous 24/7 for the first 3 months. Basically like I was perpetually hungover – without the fun the night before. The only things that sounded decent were party pizzas and pasta, specifically Fazolis. Now in my second trimester, I eat pretty much like my non-pregnant self. I love Mexican food and pasta (but I always have), red meat, cheese, cheeseburgers, salt & vinegar chips, cheetos, pickles and pretzels. Occasionally I have a strange idea for dinner like a cinnamon raisin bagel and extra cheesy broccoli rice the other night. What can I say – hormones are strange!

Have you started to show yet? Not really. I’ve gained around 7 lbs and I have a very tiny baby bump, but you wouldn’t know just by looking at me in my normal attire.

Gender prediction: Old wives tales all point to boy and I had a very vivid dream of a boy almost 4 years ago – that story is quite detailed and will be explained after the gender reveal.

Our pets behavior: Remington has always been a sweet dog, but never extremely cuddly. He was a bit aloof actually.  Before I even knew I was pregnant, he became extra clingy. He follows me around everywhere now and never leaves my side. He is usually curled up on my lap or somewhere near my lower body, as shown below. Abby is more of a guard dog than ever, on high alert at anything that could threaten the house. This includes anyone walking down the street. I’ve read that dogs either are highly protective or extremely affectionate when their owner is pregnant. I would say we have one of each personality right now. It will be fun to see what they think of the baby!

Will I still book photo shoots while preggers? Yes, I plan to continue offering photo shoots up until the end of August.  I blocked off my calendar for the month of September to allow some time to recover and hopefully will not miss too much of my Fall peak season for shoots. I will probably be uncomfortable and large as the months progress, but I will try my hardest to continue business as usual!

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