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What it’s Like to be Pregnant – Log #4 {Redecorating the nursery}

If you are following my pregnancy journey, you may already know I was super surprised to learn we are having a girl. Now that we have confirmation, I’ve been able to adjust all the planning I did months ago in preparation for a boy. I will say that I love the nursery so much more and something feels different this time. It feels right. I can’t say the nursery ever felt perfect when it was decorated with monkeys and all things blue. And as shocked as I first was to learn the gender, I am confident this is His plan for our life.

I kept our walls light blue which was the color we painted back in January in prep for baby. Since we learned the gender, my mission was to find a theme that would fit the light blue walls and be more girly. I found the cutest nautical themed pink and navy bedding set and mobile and then just added in a few more pink accents. My favorite accessory is probably the hot pink chandelier lamp. I purchased it in gold and was willing to settle but my sweet husband painted it hot pink for me and I think it just looks darling. Some other favorite items are a stuffed schnauzer wearing a pink tutu, a pink storage area for headbands, our custom wall design over the crib, a sign my dearest friend had custom made and my Mom’s handmade afghan and pink ballet slippers.

As for me, I am moving right along at a little over 18 weeks now. I feel movement quite frequently each day usually around 2-5pm and again after dinner. For any first time Moms-to-be, I would say it isn’t super obvious what the movement is until you feel it multiple times over the course of a few days. To me it feels like little nerve twitches but I am sure they will become stronger as the months progress.  It is comforting to feel the movement and to know all is going well. Sometimes I wonder out loud if everything is OK on days I don’t feel as much movement. Then I end up feeling a few twitches shortly after I worry. She must hear me and know my concerns already!

My OB recommended a firmer bed to help my back and hip pain so I cranked up my mushy favorite sleep number to 100 and it has definitely helped. I’m not one to sit still for long periods, so I try to be most productive in the morning and afternoon and accomplish things when I feel my best. I still work a full time day job, book photo sessions on most weekends, mow the yard, clean the house (obsessively per usual) and walk the dogs. Scrapbooking and crafting headbands has been a fun way to express my creative side as well. I am still exhausted by around 8 or 9pm and generally pass out on the couch while my husband watches the history or discovery channel. Perhaps the programming is the real reason I pass out. Ha!

Stay tuned for more pregnancy fun in the coming weeks. Thank you for following our journey!

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