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What it’s Like to be Pregnant with a GIRL – Log #3

You may have seen the big surprise in my previous log here. I was literally SO convinced I was carrying a boy that I spent an entire day in shock. I remember watching the ultrasound when the sonographer said it looked like a little girl at first. Then she hunted around a bit more and confirmed it was a girl. I was staring at the screen in disbelief. “Are you sure?” I asked. “What percentage would you put on that?” 98% was the verdict. My husband just giggled as he looked at the screen, as it was pretty clear those were lady parts. I was still not totally convinced until the news finally sunk in after a night’s sleep. I woke up SO excited. I mean, more excited than I had been this entire pregnancy. I realized this was His plan and I had to trust in this. Long before I found out gender, my Type A personality had already painted the nursery blue, bought a ton of boy clothes and completely mentally prepared myself for a son. My sweet and amazing Mom made beautiful boy and blue themed crocheted treasures. What was I going to do now?

Well have no fear. My “get stuff done” attitude helped me exchange boy clothes for girl clothes and slightly re-decorate the nursery in less than a week. And of course my equally Type A Mom had pink slippers, headbands, hats, a baby cocoon and a gorgeous afghan whipped up in the same amount of time. Whew. I feel better.

Now onto those silly old wives tales. Here are all the ones that described me and suggested boy but were completely wrong:

Salty and sour cravings: I loved salt and vinegar chips and pickles early on. I still enjoy salty foods over sweets. Although I do find myself craving Starbucks frappachinos a lot lately.
Red meat/cheese cravings: I used to love chicken more than red meat, but I could eat red meat every day now. Girlfriend must really like cheeseburgers or I am just super low in iron!
The baby is active: I don’t have sugar or caffeine, but in my ultrasounds the baby is always moving, waving her hands, etc.
Chinese gender calendar: You add your age at the time of conception and the number for the month you conceived and the sum is an even number.
Hair growing super fast: I am shaving like crazy ALL the time.
No increased acne: My skin is exactly the same. I’ve heard with a girl you have bad breakouts.
No morning sickness: I definitely felt nauseous daily but I never actually got sick. I’ve heard those pregnant with little girls are literally debilitated with morning sickness.
Colder feet: My circulation has always been poor, but my feet are literally ice cubes lately.
Dry hands: SUPER dry hands and it’s not Winter. Very strange for me.
Headaches: I have a ton of aches and pains and headaches are very persistent.

The only old wives tale that proved accurate was the heartbeat which was around 153 at 12 weeks. They say boys are 140 or lower. I just thought it was higher because she was super active that day. My Mom also told me I was carrying high for as long as I can remember. They say carrying high means a girl and low indicates a boy.

Despite the old wives tales, my vivid dream was the primary basis for all the boy planning.  My ultimate lesson was realizing life isn’t always as predictable as I hope.  I couldn’t be more excited now that I know for sure the gender and can plan accurately.  I’ve been having fun scoping out all things girly and frilly and even channeling my inner craftiness and making some flower headbands. Stay tuned for more logs in the coming weeks!

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