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Abby’s Story – The Vizsla Velcro Dog

Given the recent fame our dogs have acquired, I thought it might be fun to share more details of how each dog came into our life from the beginning. Up first – Abby, the Vizsla.

Abby was obviously her previous owner’s “hunting dog” that didn’t like the sound of gunshots. It was around the 4th of July and she was about a year old. She ran away (likely scared of fireworks) and jumped into the passenger seat of Aaron’s cousin’s police vehicle back in their hometown. No one had the heart to let her go, so after it was clear her original owner wasn’t going to be found, Aaron’s parents kept her for a bit. Then she was given to Aaron and a special relationship grew. In typical Vizsla form, she was quite the holy terror in her youth. Destroying furniture and even shredding his college books. Aaron had a “Come to Jesus” talk with her and she was (mostly) an angel ever since.

She is now 6 and is such a sweet, gentle dog. She has overcome much adversity, including swallowing a squeaker found in an irresistible rubber hamburger toy, surviving two intestinal surgeries that nearly killed her, fighting edema complications and overcoming kidney disease and hypothyroidism. She is a fighter and we love her so very much.

Her fans helped save her life by donating to help with some of the surgery costs and we will never forget the kindness that everyone showed us.

Remington was an “only child” for quite some time, but Abby has grown on him over the years and they can be found chowing down on cake together (Errr.. Abby trying to steal his cake) or playing tug of war. You can see most of their candid adventures on video and pics on my Instagram feed.

Photos below show Abby before and after her latest medical issues. She is so much happier and puppy-like now, which is great news since she will be walking down the aisle to celebrate our special day in October. Abby, you are such a wonderful addition to our lives. Don’t ever stop fighting!

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Abby After: Down 10 lbs after Thyroid meds!

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Abby Before: Not happy, lethargic and swollen.

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