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GO AHEAD,pin thisSome random facts about me: I adore photography. My cheerleaders on Facebook mean the world to me. My handsome Miniature Schnauzer, Remington, is the inspiration behind my business and his classic side profile is my logo.  I am only 5 feet tall and may climb or stand on objects to achieve the perfect shot. I am married to the man of my dreams and our dogs Remington and Abby (RIP sweet girl) walked down the aisle with us in 2014.  My happily ever after stemmed from meeting my husband at the local dog park, as seen in People Magazine. I am a Mom to two children under the age of 4 who love dogs as much as I do. You can see their antics on Facebook here. I am persistent and Type A.  My number one “Clifton Strength” is discipline. My passion is being a voice for the voiceless. I am up for any challenge you think your pet will be for me. Trust me when I tell you that I have seen it all!  I have been scratched, slobbered on, toppled to the ground and yes, even peed on – but this all comes with the job and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Even if your pet is camera shy or a bundle of energy, I promise your pet is capable of being photographed!

I studied Journalism and graduated from the University of Central Missouri in 2003. I always assumed I would be a reporter or a writer. Little did I realize my photography career would begin when I discovered a love for photo restoration in 2005. I found joy in repairing memories that appeared beyond hope at first glance. After volunteering at local animal shelters and photographing their dogs for adoption, I decided to expand my business and offer photography services, quickly learning pet photography is my ultimate passion.

My heart is especially happy when I am documenting the innocent spirit, unconditional love and unique personalities of our furry creatures. I have been an animal lover my entire life, growing up with Lhasa Apsos throughout my childhood. I support animal rescue organizations, participate in adoption events and offer my photography services complimentary to local rescues and shelters who needs assistance photographing their animals up for adoption. My work has been published in various magazines including: Dog Fancy, Life + Dog, 435 South, Fido Friendly, Bella DOG, Pet Home, Metro Pet, Dog Living and Kansas City Fitness. My work has also been featured on the covers of Happy Tails books. My presence in the rescue community has been highlighted in the Kansas City Star and NBC Action News.

During my journey as a pet photographer, I founded a separate division Going with Grace© to encourage having senior or critically ill pets documented before they cross the rainbow bridge and to provide a source of comfort in the form of timeless and unique photographs.

I am a firm believer that every moment in life should be captured and preserved regardless of how insignificant it may seem, because someday these irreplaceable memories will be deeply treasured. I would love nothing more than to photograph your 4-legged children or restore your memories from the past. Feel free to drop me a line at jennifer@fixyourimages.com. I am happy to share advice, set up a photo shoot or answer any questions you might have. Click here for answers to frequently asked questions regarding photo shoots. Click here for information on the importance of choosing a custom photographer. If you are a fellow photographer, click here to read various posts in my “For Photographers” section on the blog.

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