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Attempting to Rescue a Baby Songbird Robin + Operation Wildlife Information for Kansas City Area

This weekend my man (who has a huge heart) and I attempted to rescue a baby bird. He most likely fell from his nest across the street and was in danger on the ground because he was injured and too young to fly.  Dogs, cats and cars were all hazards we were trying to help him avoid.  We put him out of harm’s way, but somehow the baby bird managed to flop across the street into his yard. I happened to notice him out the window and we made several attempts to get him back to his Momma, including putting a pseudo nest into a tree, but he eventually squirmed his way out and fell again. (Stubborn little guy!) Our last attempt was placing him in a bird cage hanging from the house so that Momma could reach him but he couldn’t try to escape and be in danger on the ground again. The bird cage kept him intact and Momma ended up finding him, feeding him worms and keeping an eye on him. Sadly, the little guy didn’t make it. It could have been caused by stress or the wound on his back (which was attracting parasites/flies) or his broken little foot. (all of these injuries were evident before we handled him) My goal in this story is to note it’s always worth a try to save one of God’s creatures. Even though this ending wasn’t the best outcome, atleast he passed respectfully.

Since our attempt at rescue, I learned of this helpful website – www.owl-online.org which details the proper steps in handling and identifying what to do when young babies are found, such as opossums, squirrels, rabbits, raccoons and birds. They advise the following if you find an injured or orphaned animal and list contact information for those in the Kansas City surrounding area:

1. Keep pets and children away
2. Do NOT feed or water
3. Call OWL immediately at (785) 542-3625 or (913) 631-6566
4. Take the animal to one of OWL’s facilities (In our case this wasn’t an option because they are only open Monday-Saturday and we found him Sunday)

We were not able to snap a photo, but here is what the little guy looked like. Photo courtesy of hawksaloft.org

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