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Baby Stella & What it’s Like to be Pregnant Again – Log #1 {20 weeks and half way!}

By this time in my first pregnancy, I had already written 5 logs about pregnancy. Ha! Oh how times change when you have a toddler, a new puppy and baby #2 on the way. For my own records, I like to document big life journeys so I can always remember these moments as time and memories fade.

So in case you’ve missed it, I am pregnant with baby #2 – due in late July!  It’s a boy and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have one of each gender.  In addition to this exciting news, we decided to welcome a new Vizsla puppy into our home and hearts about 3 weeks ago. Our beloved Vizsla Abby passed away in November and left an emptiness that I didn’t want to experience any longer. As exhausting as it’s been to train and care for a puppy while also potty training a toddler and growing a new life, I am thankful we made this decision.

Baby Stella has a lot to learn when it comes to modeling, but Remington is an old pro and is helping teach her some manners.
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Abrielle loves this puppy so much and has started calling her Stella Bear.
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Stella Bear showers her with kisses any chance she gets.
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Stella still had that “puppy look” in this shot. She’s almost 14 weeks old but is growing incredibly fast!
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And here I am at 20 weeks preggers over the weekend! I just had our 20 week full anatomy scan and were told the baby’s organs looked beautiful and he is super healthy in the 92nd percentile! No wonder I am always starving and showing so much more than 20 weeks with Abrielle. Random things I would like to remember (or maybe not – LOL) about this pregnancy:

Cravings: Red grapes, cheddar & sour cream ruffle potato chips, crab rangoon, bagels and cream cheese and protein smoothies.

Movement: I started feeling movement at 16 weeks. He is super active just like Abrielle and loves to kick especially after I drink something super cold.

Measurements: I’ve gained about 14 lbs which is more than I did at this point with Abrielle. But this boy has a heck of an appetite. He was 13 ounces at the latest sonogram which is only an ounce over what Abrielle was at this stage.

The Ugh Factor: He is sitting very low already so my bladder is under pressure all day and you know what that means! I have lower back and hip pain constantly and wake up every hour to switch sides when sleeping. I am definitely ready for July to get here!

Big sister: Abrielle talks about her baby brother all the time. She picks up his sonogram framed photo frequently. She gives my belly kisses at night and was fascinated during the 3D sonogram yesterday. She loved hearing the heartbeat but was very concerned when the sound stopped once they moved onto the next portion of the sonogram. She is going to be a great big sister and helper at almost 3 when he is born!

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Finally here are some shots from his 20 week sonogram. I thought it was funny he is already a character like his sister with the thumbs up. He also has the same lips and nose as Abrielle! Our next 3D sonogram will be the growth check at 28 weeks. Stay tuned for more logs soon!
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