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Behind the Scenes with Pet Photographer Jennifer Starr

I met a delightful family this past weekend for my latest Hills Magazine assignment. My subject was Toto, an Instagram star, so I knew he would be a natural model in front of the camera. His sweet human sisters were excited to take a behind the scenes pic of me. It was insightful to see how I look in action because it then helps me better explain to future clients what you might encounter during your shoot. There are a few things you will notice in the pic below:

  1. My hair is up. Two things are for sure in a pet photo shoot. I am going to get dirty and my long hair will blow into my eyes if I don’t pull it up.  Please know I normally care about my appearance, but you will see me in my natural state during a photo shoot for the reasons listed above.
  2. My hands are always full. If it’s not a squeaky toy in one hand, it’s a Pupperoni treat. One hand must always be enticing your pet and the other of course intently focusing with my camera. It’s an interesting balancing act for sure!
  3. My shoe is falling off. Among other wardrobe malfunctions, what is most important is getting the perfect shot of your pet, so I tend to be pretty focused on only you and your pet.
  4. I’m kneeling. 90% of the time I am photographing pets on my knees or laying flat on my stomach on the ground. It’s important to be on the same level as a pet for interesting angles and depth.  I should probably invest in knee pads!
  5. The subject is on leash. In this particular instance, my clients leashed back up their pup at the end of their shoot. This behind the scenes shot was a quick afterthought and I just left the leash on.  I wanted to use this opportunity to show how the image appears after removing a leash.

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