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It’s Monday. Embrace Your Bedhead. Love, Remington Schnauzer

I wake up every morning to a little furry Schnauzer peering

SchmetzPet Art Giveaway- Jay Schmetz Art Depicting Dogs & Cats in Human Scenarios

I find there is something so comical about art depicting

Remington’s Story – The Model Miniature Schnauzer

You may have seen my post yesterday detailing Abby’s

Abby’s Story – The Vizsla Velcro Dog

Given the recent fame our dogs have acquired, I thought it

From the Dog Park to I Do – Featured in People Magazine

Our love story became public when we were featured on the

Do’s and Don’ts for Stress-Free Wedding Planning

I promised myself early on I would not let my upcoming Fall

Book Spring & Fall Pet Photo Sessions in Kansas City with Jennifer Starr

Are you as tired of Winter as I am? Here are some pics of