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Photography is an Art – Pet Photography Digital Editing

Photography is an art. Photos with multiple pets do not

Reality vs. Patience & Editing – What a Pet Photo Shoot Really Looks Like

Chaos. Pure chaos. That is the only way I can describe 90%

Behind the Scenes – Indoor Fabric Backdrop for Pets & Newborns

I’ve never been a huge fan of indoor photos. Candid,

Past & Present: My Journey Photographing Pets

Facebook has a wonderful feature “On This Day,” which pulls

Thank you Lowepro & HeARTs Speak – What’s in my Bag

Before I delve into what exactly is in my camera bag

Behind the Scenes with Pet Photographer Jennifer Starr

I met a delightful family this past weekend for my latest

For Photographers: Putting Clients First

Many aspiring photographers reach out to me for advice on

Pets in Weddings

Making Clients Comfortable Before & During a Pet Photo Session

As my own personal photo shoot approaches, I now realize

Kansas City Pet Photography

The Top 5 Things to Expect in Your Pet Photo Session

Interested in having your pet photographed but concerned