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Daisy’s Going with Grace Honor Session

Sweet Daisy was recently diagnosed with kidney failure. It always breaks my heart to hear a beloved pet is nearing the rainbow bridge, but I am thankful that I’m given the opportunity to help pet owners find closure through my Going with Grace©  sessions.  I will admit my mind and heart has only been focused on my family and sweet baby girl who is now 3 months old.  My world is surrounded by beautiful change and I am still adjusting to life as a mother which comes first. During one of these sessions, however, I am softly reminded of the importance of my job as not only a photographer, but support system for others going through the painful loss of a pet.

I always strive to create an uplifting experience which celebrates the life of each pet and I hope to provide peace and comfort in in the form of timeless and unique photographs. Clients rarely cry during these sessions and they almost seem lost in the moment with their pet, as if they totally forget their pet is sick. In many cases, pet owners are actually quite shocked at how well their pet behaves during these shoots. I’ve been told repeatedly from clients that they haven’t seen their pet have as much energy or feel so good in a really long time. That makes my heart happy and reminds me these pets are giving their owners their absolute fullest on the day of the shoot because they feel their fate and want to ensure this is a special experience. I believe each pet keeps their owner strong during these sessions.

As Daisy’s Momma said goodbye to me after her session and swallowed back tears, I felt so many emotions for her. I was also so honored she chose me to document their bond together and thankful to provide these cherished memories to those who crave peace during such a difficult time. Thank you to all the families who trust me to document your precious pets.

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