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DIY: Pinterest Inspired Craft Project – Monogrammed Burlap Canvas & Chalkboard Paint

Monogrammed Burlap Canvas Supplies
Chalkboard paint (JoAnns, $6.99 and $3.50 after 50% off coupon)
Woodsies circles (JoAnns, $2.99)
8×8 burlap canvas (JoAnns – On sale for 70% off!)
Mini clothespins (JoAnns, $2.00)
Wooden black letter (JoAnns, $1.00. Pretty sweet price for already being painted!)
Hot glue gun
Twine or string
Chalk (and a pencil sharpener with a large opening if you want a fine point on your chalk)

Original Inspiration: Monogrammed Burlap Canvas
JoAnns Coupon link

If you view the above link for my original inspiration, you will see some similarities between projects. However, I decided I didnt want to worry about buying expensive pre-drilled tags or drilling my own holes to run the twine through. So my solution was just using a hot glue gun and gluing the painted circles to the back of the twine. I also contemplated buying an unfinished wooden frame to paint black, until I ran across a steal at JoAnns for a pre-wrapped burlap canvas on sale for $2.

Basically I just laid out a piece of cardboard for my work surface.  I also laid out wax paper to place my circles on and then covered them with chalkboard paint. You can use an old spoon and dip them right into the paint until they are covered and then lay them on the wax paper to dry. It will take quite a few hours to be dry to the touch. Once dry, I played around with laying them across a piece of twine. I used the mini clothespins as a guide to where I wanted the circles to lay. Once the black circles are glued on the twine, then I glued the mini clothespins to each corner of the canvas. I waited until the next morning and then wrote with chalk on the circles. I learned a cool tip that you can sharpen chalk with a pencil sharpener (I used a cosmetic pencil sharpener with a large opening). This helped greatly with writing small letters that are legible with a fine point.  Good luck and be sure to follow me on Pinterest and share your creations!
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GO AHEAD,pin thisGO AHEAD,pin this



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