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Does Your Pet Sleep in the Bed? Tales from a Vizsla Momma

Abby is one of those dogs who loves beds and cuddling under the sheets with you. We came up with a happy compromise that she could sleep at the foot of the bed on her dog pillow. She is pretty content with that plan, but occasionally she pushes the limit, just in case we changed our mind. This morning I made the bed and went back to getting ready for work. When I returned into the room, I found this.  I call it- “Maybe if I hide really well, she won’t notice that I got on the bed just after she made it.”  It was too cute not to snap some pics. I mean, how can you resist that face? Pretty much impossible.  So, what is your weakness that your pet has figured out? Feel free to comment and share with your friends. You can also click the new “Pin it” button for easy sharing on your boards. Happy Wednesday!
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