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Photo Restoration Services – Featured in the Kansas City Star

By now, you probably know this is the website/blog of FixYourImages Photography – but what the heck does that name mean? Well, before I had the epiphany to expand and offer photography, I only offered photo restoration services. Hence the website address “www.fixyourimages.com”. Rather than start from scratch and lose my rankings in search engines, I kept my website address the same and just became “FixYourImages Photography” in 2009. That may not have been the best logic since I am sure people are confused at first glance what my company name means exactly, but I have worked hard recently to make my logo more clear and brand myself as a pet photographer + restoration artist.

I offer many photo restoration services including removing or adding people to photos (Yes, having a family member turned “ex” has been a common request for removal) cosmetic editing, changing backgrounds, removing those pesky leashes, lightening shadows, color corrections and much more. You name it, I have probably edited it! So if you have a challenge, email your photo to jennifer@fixyourimages.com for a free estimate.  Here is some recent editing performed on pet photos shown below. For a full slideshow of before and after examples, view my photo restoration gallery here.

GO AHEAD,pin this

GO AHEAD,pin this

I was featured in the Kansas City Star a few years ago for my photo restoration skills – here is the article below. And here is the first photo I ever restored. Recognize these two? My lovely parents circa 1980’s. LOL.

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Faded Pictures, Cherished Memories
By Jenee Osterheldt

I don’t have many pictures from my childhood. The ones that have survived are faded and worn.

My favorite is a picture of my mother and me, hand-in-hand, walking on the beach. I must have been about 4 years old. We look unusually at peace. It’s losing color, but it means the world to me.

Jennifer Hague had a picture like that, too, one she couldn’t imagine life without. It’s a picture of her parents as newlyweds, holding the family dog, Galahad.

Like many old photos that started on film, it aged. Cracked and tattered, the picture didn’t do the cherished memory justice. Jennifer wanted to save it. So while taking a Photoshop class a few years ago, the chapter on restoration caught the graphic designer’s attention.

Her parents’ old wedding pictures and other family photos came to mind. Back then, people didn’t have second and third chances to get a picture right. Now digital photography makes that possible.

She started to go through the pictures and put her Photoshop skills to use. She zapped out fingers that got in the way of the lens. She corrected colors and filled in cracks. She edited out background distractions. You know, the goofball guy in the back of the room who always mugs his way into your pictures.

The more she learned, the more passionate she got about restoration. So when she isn’t at her day job as a graphic designer and communications specialist, she’s restoring photos for other people.

“I just saw the amazing transformations that one can do with the proper knowledge, expertise and patience,” says Jennifer, 27, of Olathe, Kan. “I wanted to help others restore and gain back their precious memories they may have thought were beyond hope.”

To Jennifer, pictures keep us connected to who we are and where we’ve been. It’s important to have them.

She’s that girl who always has a camera, the one who nags everyone to take a picture and reminds them they’ll be thankful later.

“Alot of people don’t take the time or effort to capture moments and memories,” she says. “But I feel that you have to take as many photos as you can to remember everything, no matter how insignificant it may seem.”

And you can’t just make the memory. Like that old picture of my mother and me, you have to save and cherish it, too.

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