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Happy 8th Birthday, Abby! Puppy Cake Fun

A birthday in the Starr household wouldn’t be complete without a personalized cake to celebrate the occasion. Pets are no exception and busy pet moms need a simple solution too.  I love Puppy Cake as it arrives in a box, ready to make! Just add water, vegetable oil and an egg and you will be serving a delicious cake to your pup in around 15 minutes. Puppy Cake even comes with a pre-prepared mix for frosting – just add water until the mixture is the right consistency to spread or drizzle over the warm cake.  Puppy cake only uses human grade and natural ingredients in their products, so you can rest assured your pet is being served a safe product.

Check out our pups in action in their video here. Per usual, Abby tries to steal Remington’s piece. She just needs to learn to savor and chew slower like Remington!

Check out Puppy Cake for yourself and be sure to tell them Remington and Abby sent you!

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