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Matters of the Heart – Consider Giving Back to Others – Kansas City Pet Photography

I randomly came across this post in my Facebook newsfeed today:

“One year ago on November 23 my 17 year old son, Joseph, was killed in a car accident.  He was hit by a flat bed one ton duly and was killed instantly.  I happened to drive up on his car just after the accident happened and he was already passed.  Needless to say this past year has been horrendous for our family.  I desperately needed a companion and found my perfect friend and companion at Unleashed Pet Rescue and Adoption!!!!!!   He is amazing and such a blessing.  I decided to name him Cole.  Cole was the med student that happened to get to Joseph a few seconds after the crash and stayed with him as he took his last breath.  Since my adopted pet is my angel I decided to name him Cole after the Cole that was with my son.”

I listen to my heart 100% of the time. I do not question matters of the heart and I always listen and follow its guidance. I immediately felt compelled to reach out to this mother who experienced the worst tragedy a parent can ever endure. I offered her a complimentary pet photo shoot for reasons that only my heart can explain. A simple gesture that could never heal her pain but might give her a reason to smile. I encourage everyone to remember to think of others and that even the smallest gesture could mean so much to someone. As the holiday season grows near, there are even more charitable organizations that need your help such as Adopt-a-Family or many animal shelters and rescues in Kansas City that have very simple wish-lists like KC PAWS.

Here is a photo Cristin posted with Cole. Stay tuned for professional photos once the weather behaves again.
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