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Our Professional Maternity Photo Shoot {33 weeks}

The countdown to Baby Starr is on! 39 days until we get to finally meet our daughter. While it’s such an amazing experience to create and carry a new life, I have to admit I am ready to shed this extra weight from my smaller frame. I am now 34 weeks and baby is getting bigger every day. My feet and ankles are angry most of the time, sleep is very difficult and lower back pain is at an all time high. I am comforted that I am already accustomed to waking up every 2 hours in the middle of the night, so nighttime feedings shouldn’t be too much of an adjustment and weekly visits to a pre-natal chiropractor have eased some of my back discomfort.

As a Type A planner by nature, I booked our professional maternity shoot at 33 weeks in hopes I would be showing, but not too large and uncomfortable just yet.  It happened to be a day that was 100+ degree heat index and my hair was pretty much plastered to my head with sweat by the end of the session, but we managed to get a few great shots before the heat consumed me. It was difficult being on the other side of the lens and having our dogs there, but we managed to make it work. I will treasure these moments forever and always remember this special time in our life. As a professional photographer, I am obsessed with capturing my own memories on camera as well. Life moves quickly and photos are so important to have as a reminder of your most precious milestones.  I am looking forward to photographing our newborn when she arrives into the world and excited to share our growing family with all of you as well.

Photos courtesy of Marie Photography

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