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Past & Present: My Journey Photographing Pets

Facebook has a wonderful feature “On This Day,” which pulls up old posts from the same calendar date in years past,  of which I always reminisce and get the warm fuzzies while viewing. Recently, an older post appeared from 2009 which had a link to my super old business blog. Looking at it visually now makes me cringe, but I realize we all have to start somewhere and I have grown so much over the last 6 years since I started this journey.  As I read this post from 2009, I realize how my voice and maturity has developed as well. I obviously have the same passion for photographing pets, but I express myself a little more thoughtfully as I have aged and gained wisdom.

For any aspiring photographers who stumble across this site, I want this to serve as a reminder that we all struggle as we learn what makes us happy and where our path is leading us. It’s important to stay true to your heart and your passion and remain humble as you find your way. I am forever grateful that I decided to buy a professional DSLR camera one random day and began photographing pets. I am beyond thankful for my family, friends, clients and my cheerleaders who supported me even when my photos weren’t deserving of it. It’s been a life changing journey and I am looking forward to the next chapter.

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