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Perlilla Pets – Custom pet portraits, handmade, custom wedding cake toppers

As many of you know, our upcoming wedding will incorporate our two children… our pooches.  We have Remington, a serious and independent Miniature Schnauzer and Abby, an energetic and super affectionate Vizsla.  We were thrilled when Perlilla Pets agreed to create a custom cake topper themed around our pups. I am excited to post pics once it’s officially placed on our cake. In the meantime, enjoy this preview – it truly captures their individual personalities and this was all created from just a photo.

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About Perlilla Pets
Perlilla Pets creates custom pet portraits, and handmade, custom wedding cake toppers. She lives in Italy and discovered modeling clay, where she felt free to express herself in a 3D world. Every item she creates with clay is handmade with love and care. The name “PerlillaPets” stems from her special relationship with her mother who called her “pearl” (perla in italian) to indicate something precious, unique and valuable. This created the first part of the name “Per” which comes from “perla”. The second part of her shop name comes from the color lilac that (lilla in italian). Perlilla Pets is truly a lovely and kind lady who works so hard to create these perfect masterpieces. I know we will cherish ours for a lifetime.  Be sure to check her out and tell her Remington and Abby sent you!
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