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Preparing for a Baby on a Budget

Daycare, nursery prep, hospital bills – it’s expensive to have a child! But that doesn’t mean you can’t find cost effective ways to manage these expenses. While I am a first time Mom and still have a lot to learn, by nature I am Type A. The nursery was painted and furnished within 2 weeks of learning I was pregnant afterall. I am efficient and organized and life would feel way too chaotic if my personality was any other way. Here are my best tips for saving money based on what I’ve learned so far:

Breast pump through insurance

  • I had no idea insurance could cover the cost of a breast pump. Check out Aeroflow who does all the hard work for you. They contact your insurance company, determine your coverage details, call you and complete the order all for free if you qualify.

Nursery furniture

  • I found Wayfair.com has some amazing deals and adorable nursery furniture. Our crib (solid pine) was less than $200 and even converts into a toddler and full size bed too.

In-home daycares

  • If you’re a working parent returning after maternity leave, check out Care.com to find a licensed in-home daycare near you.  The costs are typically much less than the larger daycares, you receive more one-on-one care and because most are catered to less than 10 children, there’s hopefully less germs your child will encounter.

Coupons & Sales

  • I am a huge fan of Target and Kohls. These stores always have great sales and coupon opportunities. Be sure to download Cartwheel from Target and browse the baby category for all the best deals. I also have the RetailMeNot app which finds coupon opportunities when you search for a particular store. Another favorite site of mine is HeyItsFree which offers great freebie opportunities.


  • Back to my newfound Target obsession, they have the easiest to navigate baby section I’ve found.  I recently bought these changing table drawer organizers, stocked up on diapers, wipes, diaper ointment (regular and heavy cream), grooming and healthcare necessities and pacifiers. There’s nothing better than feeling as prepared as you can before baby arrives!

Educational Apps

  • Who needs books when you have a smart phone? I have two free apps on my phone which I find super helpful. Their articles provided much of the advice I am giving you here.  The Bump and Baby Center are my favorites.


  • OK this sort of contradicts the purpose of this post, but hear me out. If you save money in other areas, you can still afford some pretty amazing luxury items like Owlet, the smart sock that measures your baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels while they sleep.  Owlet is designed to sound an alert through your cell phone if your child’s heart rate dips too low, rises too high, or if their oxygen level drops below a preset threshold.  And if your phone dies, the base station acts independent of Wi-Fi so you would still be alerted.What better peace of mind so you can actually rest without constantly worrying. This is something I definitely plan to purchase in addition to a traditional baby monitor as this isn’t meant to replace a standard monitor.

And because a blog post isn’t complete without a photo, here I am at 23 weeks – we are Kansas City Royals fans (2015 World Series Champions!) so this seemed fitting for the game today.

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