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Remington Schnauzer Featured on Buzzfeed – 28 Ingenious Dog Products – Market Your Pet Business Too!

Remington Schnauzer made Buzzfeed again – this time for his amazing marketing abilities for The Paw Wash. Click here to see 27 other ingenious products that your dog may love too.

Remington is not just your ordinary dog. He is a Schnauzer with a ‘tude and knows how to work his amazing beard, eyelashes and eyebrows. He is typically prepared to issue a beat down with his toy billy club if you aren’t behaving and can be found wearing upscale scarves and reading magazines with his morning coffee. If you would like Remington to model your products – be prepared for increased exposure and even the possibility of national attention. Consider trading your product for free marketing/photos. Check out my previous blog post with more details and see other partners I work with. E-mail Remington or myself at jennifer@fixyourimages.com. We would love to hear from you!

GO AHEAD,pin this

GO AHEAD,pin thisGO AHEAD,pin this


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