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Remington’s Story – The Model Miniature Schnauzer

You may have seen my post yesterday detailing Abby’s story. Given the recent fame our dogs have acquired, I thought it might be fun to share more details of how each dog came into our life from the beginning. Now it’s Remington’s turn.

Some of you are going to cringe when I say that Remington was purchased from a breeder. *Gasp*. I know, I know. But, hear me out.

I wasn’t involved in rescue at the time and didn’t know the first thing about having a dog on my own. While I don’t condone irresponsible breeding, I do think it can have its benefits if you seek out someone reputable and genuinely have a need for a particular breed. In this case, I was drawn to Schnauzers because they don’t shed and are hypoallergenic. For an OCD clean freak who also has a mild allergy to dog fur and saliva, this was ideal for me. Remington came from an impressive bloodline and is the healthiest dog I could have ever hoped for. His temperament is phenomenal and as you may have seen – I can do just about anything to this dog and he takes it all in stride.  He was the inspiration behind my business, my logo and has taught me so much about pet photography. This isn’t to say you can only find these amazing traits in a dog that’s been bred. I absolutely condone looking to shelters and rescues first before you venture into “breeder land”. But, again, I bought Remington long before I knew what I do now about pet overpopulation and rescue needs.

With that said, Remington almost didn’t even come home with me. I went to meet him when he was 3 months old. He immediately pranced over to his newspaper and went potty to show me his amazing skills. Then he went over to his dog bed and just sprawled out, as cool as could be. He was perfect. But, I was scared. I only had dogs while growing up and my parents did all the work. What if….. (insert dumb scenario here) entered my mind numerous times. I said to the breeder… “Let me think about it…” and we all know what that means. She told me someone else was coming right after me and would either pick him or the black Schnauzer she had. I was forced to make a life-changing decision. Ultimately I walked away with Remington in my arms and learned the hard way how to raise a puppy. He was the best part of my life until I met Aaron and Abby and now we are one big happy family.

Moral of the story? Take a chance. It could save your life in more ways than one.

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  • carla - Great story. He is such an awesome Schnauzer. dogs they just touch our lives in ways that are unexpected and unknown to us.ReplyCancel

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