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Support Local Animal Rescue KC PAWS for Christmas

During the holidays, many of us are inundated with family functions, company parties, shopping for gifts, photo shoots, sending Christmas cards and the list keeps going. While this can be a hectic time, please consider taking the time to support a smaller rescue organization, KC PAWS. They have their Wish List accessible online which contains items you might have collecting dust at home, but could truly make a difference for an organization who relies on the community for help.

Items such as old blankets, sheets, towels, old throw rugs, baby blankets, gently used dog toys or dog beds, kitty scratching posts, litter boxes, cat toys all items you probably have in your closets and in your animal’s toy boxes. Even paper towels, hand sanitizer, bleach, new or partially used scented candles or wax melts, air freshener, etc.

Consider having your office or your children’s school adopt KC PAWS for the holiday and collect items on their wish list. KC PAWS welcomes the community to even “sponsor” an individual pet over the holiday season.  These homeless pets would love toys, bedding, yummy treats, special shampoo, collars and leashes.

Monetary donations are also always appreciated and since they are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization your donations are tax deductible.  Check out www.kcpaws.org for a list of their current adoptables or to make a donation easily online.

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Jeffrey (left) and Edna both up for adoption at KC PAWS.

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