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The Starr Wedding – Abby + Remington Walk Down the Aisle

I am excited to announce that I am officially Mrs. Starr! We had a simply perfect Fall wedding, accompanied by our pooches of course. Abby and Remington were escorted down the aisle by our friend Sophia Correnti who owns Metro Paws KC, providing pet sitting & dog walking services.  The dogs were very well behaved, however, Remington in true Schnauzer form caught a glimpse of someone walking up the gravel driveway mid-ceremony and made his feelings (barks) be known to everyone. Just like a crying baby in church, he was gently escorted away from the main event until he calmed down.  (And this is why we hired a professional to intervene in moments like this!) But, I wouldn’t have changed a thing. It was our real-life fairy tale and I still get emotional when I think of that day.

October 4 was a true whirlwind and the below photos are only a very small snippet of the memories that will live in my heart forever. I hope you enjoy some of these special moments and understand even more why we included our pets to share the honor.

These photos are courtesy of the amazing Cassandra Castaneda Photography.  As a photographer myself, I was extremely selective in who I chose to document this monumental occasion.  Not only is her photography gorgeous, but her unique perspective and use of light always intrigued me. Thank you for these moments, Cassandra!
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