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For my Pit Bull advocates, everything you are about to read will not come as a surprise. But, for those that question the breed or firmly believe the stereotype the media has painted, I hope this post can be educational and raise awareness.

Pit Bulls shouldn’t all be feared.  Sure, they have teeth and the potential to use them, just like any other dog.  From personal experience, I have been bit twice in my career as a pet photographer. One was by a Jack Russell Terrier and the other was by a Miniature Schnauzer at an animal shelter (ironic since that is the breed I own!) And I have photographed numerous Pit Bulls and other bully breeds who have all been my most cooperative subjects. My point is that smaller breeds can be more cranky and nippy than larger breeds.  But, you never hear the news running a story about how a Terrier nearly killed a human. I understand that Pit Bulls are stronger than smaller breeds and have the potential to cause more damage, but I also think its unfair that the media hardly ever displays Pit Bulls in a positive light, when there have been many endearing stories about the breed like this one.

Befriending a Pit Bull can be extremely rewarding. Along with their spirit comes a great loyalty for people. Beneath the brawn, most are faithful,  fun and affectionate companions. Before you succumb to the negative media hype, visit your local shelter and get to know the breed. You may be surprised. Stay tuned for Pit Bull pics coming soon as I am partnering with Midwest Adopt a Bull to help spread the word about their adoptables!

Pit Bull Myths (source: www.aspca.com)

  • “Pit Bulls have locking jaws!” This is patently false. There is nothing unique about the anatomy of Pit Bull jaws. They do not “lock.” The Pit Bull’s fighting style, like that of other terriers, usually involves grabbing and shaking. Perhaps because of their hunting and bull-baiting history, some Pit Bulls also have a tendency to grab and hold on with determination. This does not mean that they can’t or won’t let go of another dog once they bite. However, because they’re powerful dogs, they do have strong jaw muscles. Like all dog parents, Pit Bull parents should know how to break up a dog fight.
  • “If a Pit Bull bites another dog, he’s going to start biting people next.” Research confirms that dog-aggressive dogs are no more likely to direct aggression toward people than dogs who aren’t aggressive to other dogs. In fact, some of the best fighting dogs are the most trustworthy with people.
  • “All Pit Bulls are gentle angels who can be left unsupervised with dogs of any size, cats and other animals.” Pit Bulls aren’t vicious monsters—but they are dogs who have been bred to fight with other dogs. While some Pit Bulls are indeed very easygoing, others should not be left alone with other dogs, cats or other pets. Pit Bulls are strong, determined dogs. It might not be a Pit Bull who starts a disagreement, but he may be the one to finish it.

Click here to read more from this article about Pit Bulls by the ASPCA.

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