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United Airlines PetSafe Program Under Scrutiny – Keep Pets Safe – Avoid Flying Your Pets!

I came across some disturbing news articles today. I am absolutely floored at the amount of suffering and deaths that are happening to our precious pets from improper care on airline flights.

Source: NY Daily News
Janet Sinclair said that her greyhound suffered from a heat stroke after her trip. The  dog’s crate was reportedly filled with blood, feces, and urine. She has since started a Facebook page, United Airlines Almost Killed my Greyhound, speaking out against United Airlines and their “PetSafe” program that is looking to be anything but safe.

When Janet Sinclair decided to move from San Diego to Boston in July, she  signed up for United Airlines’ “PetSafe” program, which promises that personal  handlers would make sure her pets will never “be exposed to temperatures greater  than 85 degrees for more than 45 minutes.” But when Sinclair arrived in Boston, she said her greyhound Sedona was steps  away from death.

“Sedona’s entire crate was filled with blood, feces, urine. Sedona was in full heat stroke.  All of the blankets were filled with blood. She was urinating and defecating  blood. She was dying, literally, right in front of me.” Sinclair had paid extra for a stop in Houston to take a break  from flying in an air-conditioned vehicle. Instead, when she looked outside her airplane window, she saw Sedona’s supposed “personal  handler” kicking the dog’s crate.

The vet that treated Sedona discovered that the greyhound had suffered from heat  stroke, urinary tract infection and liver problems. The vet said that the dog’s ordeal was a result of her mishandling during the United Airlines flight. Depsite that, a United Airlines investigation into the incident concluded that Sedona had  a pre-existing health condition. Still, the airlines agreed to foot the bill —but only if Sinclair signed a non-disclosure agreement and promised not to talk  to the press.

Another similar story came from Michael Jarboes.

Source: Change.org
On August 28, 2012, on a flight from Miami to San Francisco, United airlines killed my 2.5 year old Mastiff, BamBam. United’s “Pet Safe” program guarantees that your pet will be in an acclimated, a/c equipped cargo facility or Pet Safe van to and from the plane. All other airlines require a Certificate of Acclimation to fly, only United does not because of Pet Safe.  We had a 3+ hour layover in Houston. We had a 3+ hour layover in Houston. Again, we could have flown an airline with a direct flight, but none of them offer the security, or guarantee of constant a/c that United offers. Again, we could have flown an airline with a direct flight, but none of them offer the security, or guarantee of constant a/c that United offers. He was removed from the plane, set under the wing on the tarmac until a luggage cart came for him. He was then transferred to a “USDA approved holding area with a cross breeze from open windows and fans” instead of the cargo area with a/c as promised. We have now been told in layovers of under 4 hours, NO animal is taken into the cargo area, only the “holding area.” Something we had never been told or accepted. No van would have been unacceptable, but no cargo area at the hight of summer? Outrageous. After 2+ hours he was put back onto a luggage cart and kept outside for another 40 minutes to travel 4 gates. He never had a chance. We have now learned that every 9 days a pet dies on a commercial airline. Yet the airline industry holds all the cards. Almost zero regulation, accountability or informing of the public of the actual dangers of airline flight, even though his one way ticket was double my round trip.

Horrified yet? Me too. I have never flown my pets anywhere and certainly don’t plan to now.  Not only do I never want to fly my pets on any airline now, I am boycotting traveling on United Airlines period. Any airline who treats living creatures with such disdain does not deserve my hard-earned money and business. Share this post and help raise awareness against airlines like United who are causing unncessary pet deaths and then trying to hide the incidences and skirt the backlash.

Photo source: change.org
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