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What it’s Like to be a New Mom – Top Items You Really Need

I’ve attempted to write this blog post about 20 times in the past couple weeks, but having a newborn pretty much consumes every waking second and her needs come first. Each day has been a learning experience and an art in perfecting what can be done during each 3 hour nap she has during the day.  They say “sleep when your baby sleeps” but then when would all the chores get done? I try to create a “to-do” list with one large goal every day so I can feel accomplished even if a tired and cranky baby is what the day holds.  In these past 6 weeks, I’ve decided there are only a few key items that new Moms really need. So, I’ve compiled my favorites below to share with others who might be overwhelmed with the abundance of choices.

Gerber cloth diapers – My friend gave me this recommendation and she’s brilliant. We don’t use these for diapers, but they are the best and most absorbent burp cloth. We also use these as bibs. Don’t bother registering for all these cute bibs with snaps – they are not practical at all!

Boppy lounger – I absolutely LOVE this lounger. We use this every single day for feedings and daytime naps. She loves it and it’s contoured so we don’t worry about her rolling out of it accidentally.

Bassinet on wheels – I’ve heard some babies don’t like bassinets, but ours loves hers.  Since she isn’t sleeping in her crib yet, we use this every night and roll it around other rooms throughout the day. I also love the storage compartment on the bottom. This is where I keep her clothes and swaddle blankets and accessories for easy access since we don’t spend much time in the nursery yet.

Sound Sleeper app – This app is genius.  There have been some nights where we are desperate for her to fall asleep and the various sounds in this app usually do the trick.  She particularly likes the womb and hair dryer sounds.

Bamboobies nursing pads – I learned the hard way that disposable nursing pads are itchy and awful.  I researched and found these washable ones. They are super soft and I use them all the time. I actually use them primarily when I apply lanolin and don’t want greasy spots staining my shirts.

Medela lanolin –  I thought all lanolin would be the same, but the Lansinoh version is thick and hard to apply comfortably.   Medela’s is super smooth and easily glides on.

Zippered footed pajamas – Snaps are the devil.  Changing a diaper can be challenging enough through all the squirms – who has time to mess with lining up snaps? Zippered pajamas are so much simpler.

Gripe Water – When our sweet baby is gassy (and that’s about 90% of the time), we found that Gripe Water instantly soothes her cries and calms her. Highly recommend this!

And because it’s Fall and my absolute favorite time of year, here is a pic of our little candy corn for your viewing enjoyment.

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