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What it’s Like to be Pregnant – Log #6 {What’s in a name?}

Wow – 22 weeks! While the first trimester was rather tough, I would say time is passing quite quickly now.  Prescription prenatal vitamins (Shoutout to Vitafol!) and a firm bed seemed to solve my complaints and I (almost) feel normal again! Here I am with my Mom on Mother’s Day. It was a special day to take some photos together with my bump showing a bit.  As you can see, my Mom is very small and passed on some great genetics that I hope hold out during my pregnancy.  I’ve tried very hard to eat healthy, but I do still succumb to ice cream, chocolate and the occasional donut. I am human after all! Other rituals include slathering myself with tummy butter or cocoa butter every night to fight potential stretch marks and I play Pandora’s Sleepytime Tunes Children’s radio on my stomach. I’m hoping she will correlate the soothing tunes to being in the womb and I can play the same music after she’s born to calm her. The baby is quite active now and I’ve felt movement every day since 16 weeks.
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My Mom has been busy handcrafting some beautiful treasures for our daughter. I can’t wait to photograph her in these adorable headbands, hats and other props. These are very special to us and I am so thankful to have such a kind and caring mother.
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Are you curious yet if we determined a name? After looking through thousands (and I mean THOUSANDS) of baby names, my husband and I were finally able to agree on a unique yet elegant name. Abrielle Grace Starr. Abrielle means “God is my Strength”. Grace is a tribute to my Grandma who passed away before I met Aaron. Her favorite song was Amazing Grace. I am so blessed to have amazing friends and family. A client who became a dear friend has always supported me and my business and recently surprised us with this adorable personalized chair. Remington is keeping it warm in the meantime, but I can’t wait to add Abrielle to the fun. Stay tuned for continued updates along my journey! And don’t forget to tell your expectant friends about Barks, Bumps and Babies.
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