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What it’s Like to be Pregnant – Log #7 {Third Trimester & 7 months}

Hello third trimester! Things are moving along nicely and I am now in the home stretch! I can’t believe we will be welcoming our baby girl in just a few months now.

Baby size: A large eggplant – about 15″ and 2.5 lbs

Maternity clothes: Still no. I am making it almost a personal mission not to wear maternity clothing. I love buying new clothes, but maternity clothing is ridiculously expensive and not really worth the short-term wear in my opinion.  Some people might want to slap me when I say this, but I actually found that shopping in the kids department has been the most helpful during pregnancy.  Maybe they make little girl’s dresses more airy and breathable but almost every large dress I’ve tried on has fit me. The best part is I can actually wear maxi dresses and skirts in the kids department without tripping over the material! It’s difficult being 5’0 tall.

Sleep: After working all day, I am ready to lay on the couch and watch a bit of TV and usually fall asleep when we are halfway through a movie. I still wake up about every 1-2 hours a night usually because the baby is squeezing my bladder for fun or because I have to switch sides after my lower back starts aching.

Miss anything? I still miss wine and uninterrupted sleep. Atleast one of those things I will get back after giving birth. Ha!

Food cravings: My first trimester was pretty brutal. I was nauseous 24/7 for the first 3 months. In the second trimester I was pretty much back to normal with appetite. And now the third trimester is showing small inklings of my first trimester with slight nausea and I’m having a hard time finding anything appetizing. Pasta and chicken patty sandwiches are what seems to be most appealing these days.

Have you started to show yet? I’ve gained about 18 lbs so far and been told this is when the big growth spurt will happen. It still varies depending what I wear, but you can definitely see the bump now!

Do you feel any movement: Do I ever! Girlfriend is super active. So much that she wakes me up most nights and hardly ever stops kicking and punching throughout the day and night. Definitely a remarkable feeling and experience but sometimes I would like her to calm down just a bit. We have our 3d sonogram in July so it will be fun to see how much she is moving then. They say to drink caffeine an hour before your appointment, but I really don’t think this one is going to need much encouragement to move!

Will you still book photo shoots while preggers? While I am exhausted and have lower back and hip pain frequently, I will forever be very persistent and stubborn. I even booked multiple pet sofa sessions last week (after I worked all day) when the heat index was 103.  I kept myself and the dogs hydrated and it went smoothly. I always listen to my body and take it down a notch if I feel like I am pushing myself too much.

Staying Organized: If I wasn’t Type A and organized, I think I may very well lose my mind. I love having everything under control – or atleast thinking I do. As for remaining items on my checklist:

  • Babymoon: June
  • Childbirth classes: 5 weeks of fun on Monday nights starting in July
  • Pre-admission tour of hospital: July
  • 3D Sonogram: July
  • Maternity pics: July
  • Baby shower: July
  • Buy remaining necessary items after baby shower: August
  • Get hospital bag ready: August
  • Finalize FMLA forms for maternity leave: September
  • Call insurance to confirm delivery date and breast pump will ship: September
  • Deliver baby on time or *slightly* early with no surprises and pain-free (A girl can dream, right?)
  • Bring baby home, introduce her to the dogs and let the newborn photo fun begin!

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