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Win a FREE Photo Session & Custom Lamp from Lamp-in-a-box! Photo Contest on Facebook

It’s Facebook photo contest time! Now is your chance to win a FREE photo session + custom Lamp-In-A-Box made from your artwork/photo. Just click on the photo contest icon at  the top of  www.facebook.com/fixyourimages or go to this link directly. Upload your pet’s photo, ask your friends to vote and we will pick 3 winners based on the most votes. First place will win a FREE photo session + custom lamp-in-a-box. Two runners up will receive a FREE mini photo session + $10 or $15 off a custom lamp-in-a-box. You have from June 20-July 13 to enter and vote. Good luck!

Lamp-in-a-Box on Facebook
Lamp-in-a-Box Website

About Lamp-in-a-Box Lamp-in-a-Box was founded in 2007 by Daniel Cytrynowicz with the idea of redefining people’s experience with table lamps. The vision from the beginning was to create a fun, relevant and affordable lamp, challenging the age-old image of the sober, virtually invisible lighting object in everybody’s home. Lamp-in-a-Box’s lamps have become “objects of desire”, being sold in furniture, gift and museum stores, boutiques, catalogs, websites and even record stores, as well as being used as gifts for the promotional market. With its ever-growing library of images (approaching 1000 at this site’s launch) Lamp-in-a-Box takes its customers’ feedback very seriously, quickly creating new designs as requested.  Most notable is the “build-your-own” lamp, which has become a prized heirloom in homes across the US.

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