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Winter Snow in the Midwest – Creative Things to do When it Snows

Dogs aren’t the only ones who can have fun when it snows! This morning, our furry characters played a rousing game of tag and chase while relishing in the first snowfall of the year in the Midwest. Here is a compilation of some other activities to do when you’re snowbound.

1. Make snow ice cream

1 can of sweetened condensed milk
1 tsp vanilla extract
2-4 cups of fresh snow (mix snow gradually until the right consistency)

2. Channel your crafty side on Pinterest

Here is a fun link with assorted Winter craft project ideas. The possibilities are endless!

3. Take photos

Snow may be cold, but it’s beautiful. Here are some helpful tips on how to photograph a snowy scene.

4. Warm up with hot cocoa

Make your own cup of hot chocolate or create homemade mixture gift packages for your friends.

5. Think Charitably

What better time to dig around your house for items you no longer need? There are so many organizations who would welcome and appreciate your donations. Think about donating old clothes, sheets, pillows, coats or toys. And of course be sure to see what your local animal shelter or rescue might need. For example, KC PAWS has their wishlist accessible online which contains household items that may seem insignificant but could truly make a difference for an organization who relies on the community for help. Have no idea where to start? Here is a handy website, Charity Navigator, that helps you decide where to donate based on your location and search criteria.

Happy Winter! Love, Abby & Remington

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