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Word Art & Finding the Alphabet in Nature – Scavenger Hunt for Letters

It’s the simple things that remind me how much I love my life. My husband enjoys arts and photography as a hobby. His perspective is so unique and vastly different from mine, so its quite refreshing to pair up with him to see how he views the world. This weekend I found him photographing our entryway door which reminded him of the shape of an “A” and a piece of our grandfather clock which resembled an “S”.

Of course, I was then inspired to finish spelling out our last name with unique pieces of the world that appear as letters of the alphabet. It was 64 degrees in February, so we headed to the dog park with our pups and scoured the area to find the remaining letters. It only seemed fitting considering we met at this dog park and Aaron proposed there as well. We found a few neat areas (a tree, dog fountain and gate) that helped complete our “Starr” collage. If you haven’t tried this type of “scavenger hunt”, it’s a blast! I highly recommend it and hope you have as much fun as we did. Happy Monday!
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